2018-2019 USA Nationally Qualified
13 Teams (Update 7/13/19)

  11 ROX-ALEX - 1st (National Champions)
  12 ROX-BILL Qualifies ~ American
  12 ROX-GI Qualifies ~ American
  12 ROX-MATT Qualifies ~ American
  13 ROX-BILL TRIPLE Qualifies ~ OPEN
  13 ROX-MATT Qualifies ~ American
  13 ROX-DAVID Qualifies ~ American
  14 ROX-SHAWN DBL Qualifies ~ USA
  14 ROX-JOHN DBL Qualifies ~ USA
  16 ROX-G DBL Qualifies ~ USA
  16 ROX-ED Qualifies ~ American
  17 ROX-ANTHONY Qualifies ~ USA
  18 ROX-G Qualifies ~ National
2018-2019 AAU Nationally Qualified
3 Teams Win 1st @ AAU Tourney
(Update 4/10/19)

  12 ROX-Gi Quals for Orlando - 1st!!
  13 ROX-CINDY Quals for Orlando - 1st!!
  15 ROX-JOHN Quals for Orlando - 1st!!

Thank you to all the Beach Players & Coaches this Summer Session!!
100+ players!
2017-2018 USA Nationally Qualified
9 Teams

2016-2017 USA Nationally Qualified (5)
2015-2016 USA Nationally Qualified (5)
13 Rox-Bill - 1st (National Champions)
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flyers 13 Rox-David roster
1 Avery Clemente 5 ' 1 LIB/DS 2024
2 Abby Covington 4 ' 11 SET 2024
3 Mary Jane McCurdy 5 ' 1 BCKLEFT 2024
4 Avery Cunningham 5 ' 7 RS 2024
5 Hailey Northen 5 ' 6 OH 2024
6 River Bernal 5 ' 7 OH 2024
7 Juliana Jordan 5 ' 3 LIB/DS 2024
8 Emily Osborn 5 ' 3 OH 2024
10 Quinn Brignac 5 ' 8 MH 2024
11 Ava Steffe 5 ' 6 OH 2025
12 Sophia White 5 ' 1 SET 2023
17 Charlotte Walley 5 ' 2 RS 2024
Flyers 13 Rox-David Parent Postions
Head Coach: David Bauchert (Email The Coach)
Team Manager(s):  (Volunteer the Team Manager)
Pictures & Facebook Admin:  (Volunteer For Pictures & Facebook Admin)
Video:  (Volunteer For Video)
Stats:  ()
R2 Certified: David Bauchert & TBA

Definitions of Parent Positions Below:

Team Manager/Mom(s): Help to coordinate team building activities, players list, etc... This position is appreciate so much! The extra activities for the girls is a very important part of building a great team. I like them to do things outside of volleyball.
Pictures & Facebook Admin: We like to have our Facebook site updated with pictures, etc.. after each tournament. It is great to capture the team. Please try and get a team shot when get to bracket finals, win brackets, etc...
Video: We like to have a parent with a digital video camera that can film the games and upload them to the site so we can make them available. It is good to have a tripod or monopod for this as some of the facilities are very tight.
Stats: We use an application on the IPad to take stats. If anyone has an IPad that will be needed. It is something we use in between games to see where we may have some issues in a certain rotation of a player that is having some difficulty and we can make a good decision.
R2 Certified: If you have been to any volleyball games, you will see a R2 (down ref) on the other side of the Ref that is up high (R1). All coaches will be R2 certified. The reason we ask for a couple on the team is that it is nice to have a backup in case the coach wants to grab something to eat, an emergency comes up, etc..

**NOTE- R2 have to register with USA Volleyball for the "Adult Type" - $20 registration. This needs to be done prior to the Refereeing Clinic. Coaches and R2 parents would most likely attend the same clinic somewhere in the DFW area. This has the mandatory background check, etc... Once that is done then we will have an NTR# for the parent as well.
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